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Hulk Hogan Says Itís 50/50 That Heíll Wrestle This Year
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Default Hulk Hogan Says Itís 50/50 That Heíll Wrestle This Year - 05-11-2011, 03:46 PM

TNAís Hulk Hogan was one of the featured guests on this weekís live edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem radio show.

ďThe ImmortalĒ Hulk Hogan Discusses His Return To Canada For This Saturday Nightís CWIís ďBrawl At The Bush IIĒ Event In Brantford, Ontario, Why He Holds A Special Place In His Heart For His Canadian Fans, His Recovery From His Latest Back Surgery & Rehabilitation, The Odds Of Seeing Him Step Back Into The Squared Circle For TNA, The Biggest Thing He Has Learned Thus Far In His Time With TNA, How He Was One Of The Last People In TNA To Find About Jay Lethalís Release From The Company (And What He Had Planned For Him If Lethal Stayed With The Roster), The Current Condition Of Scott Hall, The WWEís Attempts At Rebranding Their Company, Plus Much More In His Exclusive Monday Night Mayhem Interview!

You can listen to an MP3 of Hoganís appearance on The Mayhem by clicking here.

Here are some highlights of what Hulk Hogan said about:

The biggest thing has learned thus far in his time with TNA:

ďThe first thing I learned was to slow down. I thought right away go to Monday nights, do this, do that, make some changes. Number one, it doesnít happen that way. Dixie Carter owns the company. Her family put their life & blood into this thing, and Iím the ĎJohnny Come Latelyí whoís trying to help them. They have given me an upper hand creatively to help with the direction. Weíre trying to make wrestling not the way it used to be, Weíre trying to make wrestling like it should be. We are just going to slow down and make sure we are real consistent.Ē

Returning to Canada (for the first time in nearly ten years) for CWIís ďBrawl at the Bush IIĒ event & why he holds a special place in his heart for his Canadian fans:

ďThe last time I was in Brantford I canít even remember who I wrestled, but Iím sure the fans can tell you. The building is electric. The fans are electric. Itís a dream come true to come back, and Iíve been around the block a couple of times, and you guys know all the craziness, but at the end of the day, when you talk about loyal fans & fans that stick up for you and show a promoter who they love: You canít make them boo somebody they donít wanna boo, such as what happened the last time I wrestled in Canada against The Rock. The fans in Canada are so loyal, and nobody tells them what to do, and who to love, and who to hate, and thatís why Iím digging coming back.Ē

Having gone through his latest back surgery & rehabilitation, what are the odds that we will see him step back inside the squared circle to wrestle with TNA:

ďThatís a tough question, but as honest as I could be, because I donít know the answer yet, from four & a half months from back surgery number eight, I would say itís a 50-50 chance. If you would have asked me this two months ago, I would have said no way. If I could get six & a half months under my belt, Iíd pretty much know the answer to that. If I did land wrong or something, I just donít know if all this hardware & stuff would hold together.Ē
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